Music Club


Music and society has always been intimately related. Music reflects and creates social conditions, including factors that either facilitate or impede social change. People have always found music significant in their lives. It has been used for entertainment, consolation and spiritual nourishment since time immemorial.

As the Uhuru Gardens fraternity, we recognize the important role music plays in the community and that is why we ensure that in different activities in the school programme, music becomes part and parcel of the activities. We sing at the assembly, during house meetings and during pastoral programme. Other important events where music plays a big role are the school Annual General Meeting and the speech and prize giving day.

Music festivals are held in Kenya every year. This period of time sees music being used as a tool of bringing Kenyans of diverse cultural backgrounds together. This in turn helps us as Kenyans to respect each other and preserve our cultures. Uhuru Gardens takes part in this noble event every year: presenting folk tunes; a powerful medium in bringing societal change of attitude towards others. Through music we learn to accept each other as members of the larger society; that is Kenya, and to live in peace, love and unity.

 This school has been participating in music festivals up to the national level.



Music Matron


Uhuru Gardens Primary School is a mixed day public school. It is located along Langata Road opposite Langata Hospital separated by Kitengela road.

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