Drama Club


Drama is the mirror of the society. It reflects exactly what happens in the society. It’s for this reason that we in Uhuru Gardens empress on it every year.

In Kenya, drama festivals take place first term of every school academic year. That is, it runs between January and April every year. The competitions are based on a theme that is given by the National Committee.

Drama can also be described as a corrective and educative agent. Besides, it also encourages both the learners and teachers.

Uhuru Gardens Primary School is known for the best performances in Drama. We present many activities ranging from plays, choral verses, narratives and modern dance to mention but a few. This year 2017 we presented a modern dance at National level and put the school on the National map as drama champions

Drama has the following benefits to the teacher, child and school.

a)     To the child, it develops a talent in her or him which can eventually earn the child a living. The child develops confidence in areas of communication and dancing which can boost their careers in future.

We have had testimonies from some journalists who developed their talents from school by reciting poetry. It gives students confidence to be public speakers. Students are also exposed to each other and get inspiration from each other. This in turns boosts those who desire to be politicians as they learn how to express themselves freely.

b)     To the teacher, it gives him/her an opportunity to exploit their leadership skills which exposes them to the outside world.

The teacher builds a relationship with the children and develops in understanding them.

The teacher is elevated by attending seminars and workshops. This gives the teacher an opportunity to be promoted.

c)     Drama puts the school on the map of the region and nation at large. It also boosts the school and this can increase school population.

The school becomes known in drama circles which becomes advantageous for the school.

All in all drama caters for both the weak and gifted learners.





Uhuru Gardens Primary School is a mixed day public school. It is located along Langata Road opposite Langata Hospital separated by Kitengela road.

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