Science Club


Science in the school is a subject taught from Pre-Unit to class eight. It is one subject that has been doing well in the school due to the fact the teachers also enjoy teaching the subject.

In the year 2015 in the month of February, the science teachers had an opportunity to attend a seminar that aims to strengthen Maths and Science Education (SMASE). They were introduced to lesson study, a professional development process that teachers engage in to systematically examine their practise. This eventually brought a lot of improvement to the subject of science.

Two other methods ASEI which means Activity Student Experiment Improvisation and PDSI which means Plan Do See Improve applied by the teachers also brought a lot of improvement to the subject. This type of teaching brought science teachers together where they plan lessons, team teach and critique the lessons and improve.

After 2015, the JIKA (Japan Government) came up with a science Kit that had most of the apparatus used in teaching science. It made teaching very practical.

In the year 2016, the same government of Japan came up with a science wagon (the NARIKA WAGON) that brought almost all the apparatus used in science. This has boosted the morale of teaching and learning the subject to date.

Since science is found in every sector in the society, we teachers encourage the learners to have a hand on science anywhere and anytime. Pupils in Uhuru Gardens enjoy learning science.

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