Uhuru Gardens Primary School is a mixed day public school. It is located along Langata Road opposite Langata Hospital separated by Kitengela road.

It was started in 1984 as a governmental/city council school then. It has a population of 655 pupils, 24 teachers and 6 support staff. The catchment of our school is from the unplanned settlement like southlands- Langata, Kibera and Kware in Rongai.

The school is being run by the Board of Management which was appointed through the Education Act 2013. The school had a very high population of above one thousand pupils (1020) until the introduction of free primary education which caused some parents to withdraw their children from public schools.

The school has produced excellent performance since inception until the start of free primary education when it started experiencing some challenges.


i.          Furniture

This is one of the biggest challenges. Learners are hindered from sitting and writing well.   

ii.          Toilets

Some toilets have been put up by donors. However, this is still not enough considering the allocation ratio. 

iii.          Water storage tanks

Langata is one area where we face shortage of water frequently. Therefore we need water tanks for storage. The tanks will be used for drinking water and water for toilets.

   iv.          Security

We need funds for the completion of the perimeter wall to prevent outsiders from accessing students and exposing them to drug abuse.

  v.          Books

There is still need for both text books and other learning materials

    vi.          Lack of parental support.

Pupils have low self-esteem because they have no support from their parents.

      vii.          Leaking roofs

Some classrooms need to be renovated and painted.


Nothing but the best


To produce a self-driven, respectful, honest, peaceful, loving and patriotic citizen.


To provide holistic education for development of a responsible self-reliant citizen.


    The school is geared towards being an institution with the following core values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Peace
  • Co-operation
  • Responsibility


  • Co-exist in peace by obeying, respecting and being responsible.


  • Respect and show courtesy to teachers, parents and guardians.
  • Maintain high standards of personal cleanliness.
  • Respect each other and obey the children’s governing council.
  • Manage time wisely
  • Keep our environment clean.
  • Respect other people’s property.
  • All school property should be taken care of.
  • Fighting and bullying is prohibited.

Endeavour and uphold the school motto, “NOTHING BUT THE BEST”.

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